Yes…yes…yes….everyone in Malaysia is angry, fuming mad about the prices hike in nearly everything.

Wait a minute……I read an article posted in Malaysia-Today. I found it good and should share with all people like you and me.

Let’s angry to the RIGHT things! Let’s query about the Petronas account now!


We are getting more nervous nowadays especially come to dollar & cents thing.

I was a bit lucky (or unlucky?) coz I didn’t queue up to rush for the last minutes RM1.92 per litre petrol. But noticed today from a forwarded mail stated that the petrol price was RM2.704 & not RM2.70!

How could this happened? According to the mail, the petrol prices was control & set by their ‘Petrol companies’ & not each individual petrol stations. So was that a human error or technical error or annoucement error?

I hope we are not cheated.


Full story at Malaysia-Today, MalaysiaKini and confirmed news on NSTOnline.

According to MerdekaReview, the scheme only applicable for Jun08 till Aug08, by then there will be another review on the scheme.

Wow, then what about the RM625 rebate for vehicle below 2000c.c.? Only applicable for 2 months?  I would say it’s never too late to shift to NGV.

Forgotten when & how, from merely a contrarian view to fact finding, the role of Malaysia-Today has already been changed.

Well well well, this is some history on ISA on Malaysia-Today.  

Raja Petra is on trouble again. Full story in MalaysiaKini and Malaysia Today

I surf through the star on the net & came across this article written by Dr Azmi Sharom. Its good to have open minded Malays to talk to the not-so-open-minded one. Dr Azmi who is also a law teacher. The same article also been picked up by Raja Petra’s web, Malaysia-Today.

I heard most of the people nowadays do not read newspaper. But I am the alien from this people, I read. Why? Simply because I still believe mainstream media like newspaper is one of the trusted source where all official news published. Not only that, I read most of the comments in the papers, Sin Chiew is the most interesting one, they even have different columnist to comment on different section. 

I found out quite recently, especially after the 12th GE, most of the newspaper published a lot of comments, written by the ordinary people like you and me, published on columnist section. I read a lot and it gave me different point of views to analyse & understand the issues. A comment also can be the headline, a good example is NSTOnline.

Well, why is this comment be put as a front page……??!

I found it funny as I read this in Malaysiakini bout Pakatan reaffirms solidarity for Malaysians and TheStar bout PKR reps must carry out duties dilligently.  

Isn’t the same as what UMNO did to MCA & MIC? Only difference that MCA do not have to fight for UMNO’s party mission to introduce ‘Hudud’ laws in Malaysia.

This is serious as there will be endless internal fight between each component parties on their party stand. DAP really need to take a serious review on whether they are going to accept their partner PAS with a totally different political stand as stated in Sin Chiew today.

Mind you that those Rakyat casted thier votes on PR are basically need to have a better change and not with another hidden agenda to convert Malaysia to an Islamic state and introduce Hudud laws. I believe DAP guys are being trapped again even ther have clerify themselves in The Star. The only difference now is DAP & PAS are ‘co-workers’. How the ‘seperation’ is taking place?